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Team Projects

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(and project page)

Team Members      (Team Pictures)

Project Idea Presentation (Classes 9-10) Final Project  Presentation

(Classes 18-19)

McSwift Project Team


McSwift: Marketing Analysis of Franchise vs Artist

Jaclyn Ben-Porat

Benjamin Chan

Griffin Davis

Edward Moss

Class 9
Class 18
Novels and War Project Team
Perception of War in Literature  

Kathleen Byrne

Edith Torres

Class 9
Class 19
Song Sentiments Project Team Mapping Lyrical Sentiments 

Megan Carter

Samantha Urena

Class 9
Class 19
American dream Project Team TMTA: Motives for Immigrating

Evelyn Ramirez-Mancilla

Julissa Villatoro

Class 9 Class 18
Multiculturalism in Cinderella 

Micaela Baker

Steven Garcia

Katelyn Hartvigsen

Heeba Kaleem

Gabriela Medina

Class 9
Class 18
Book-to-Film Franchise Project Team
Franchise Project

Sam Beeler

Derek Isa

Ian Kavanaugh

Ricky Miller

Alex Payne

Class 10
Class 19
Free Right Project Team Free Right 

Bill Buescher

Julian Levy

Lacey Smith

Jessica Sumalpong

Class 10
Class 18
Dystopian Novel Project Team
Dystopian Novel Project
Maxine Ansaldo  
Brittany Choi
Tristan Denton 
Cassie Nguyen
Class 10
Class 19


Collage of Student Project Teams

Add the title of your Team Project page (e.g., Macbeth Project) to the list (in alphabetical order), then link it to a new page that you create using the Team Project Page Template.




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